Keyword Research

Power Listing identifies the top-ranking, high-volume search terms and new organic opportunities and compiles an optimal set of relevant keywords.
Keyword Research

Automated Amazon Keyword Research

Even if you have an amazing idea, keywords are crucial to the success of a product on Amazon. 

They are a fundamental part of product research and the most important part of your Amazon listing. 

Manual Amazon keyword research can be a long and tedious process. Hours of search queries, CSV downloads, and spreadsheet analysis. 

We get tired just thinking about it.

Power Listing makes it easy. The process starts with a brief questionnaire. You share the standard stuff: your brand name, main keyword, similar products, and keywords to avoid. 

Once you hit enter, we scour our massive database of 1.6 billion Amazon keywords and more than 450 million products to determine where your product (and similar products) rank in Amazon’s search results. We track what organic keywords rank products at the top of the search results, how many times a shopper has searched with that term, how many competitive products show up for each search query, and how often similar products are displayed. 

The end-result is an extensive list of relevant keywords and long-tail phrases specifically chosen to rank your product on Amazon page one.

We make sure each one of these keywords goes into the listing content, focusing first on the product title, then the bullet points, the description, and the backend search terms. And we provide you with a list of all the keywords used in your listing content so you can optimize your marketing and advertising campaigns.

But we don't just stop at titles. You also get keywords specifically for the bullet points and descriptions! Download all of these to use in your ad campaigns!

You also get backend search terms

Over the years, sellers have asked us if we can help them figure out what kind of backend search terms are being used by other sellers. You should know that this is not possible unless you have access to the actual listing inside of Seller Central.

However, if one can just cast a net wide enough, it is possible to see the different, perhaps even non-standard opportunities to get your product to rank. You will get verifiable opportunities to get your products organically placed on a wider variety of search pages.

“It looks great, the result is amazing... it looks like real human text. Well, even better, it puts the focus on the keywords and what works for competing ASINs."

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E-commerce Expert
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