Content Generation

After selecting the most profitable keywords, Power Listing’s Amazon listing writing assistant and optimization tool crafts quality, well-written, SEO content.
Content Generation

Data-driven content

We, the MerchantWords and Power Listing team are data people. Always have been. So the idea of combining our Amazon database with artificial intelligence is logical and, most of all, beneficial to the listing writing process.

We start with a few questions about your product. The end-result is a measure of the quality of the initial data we receive from your answers. This helps us “seed” our AI program. The more specific you are, the better the outcome.

Once we receive your input we scan your existing listing (if it’s available) for keywords. That sets a benchmark to surpass. Our goal is to improve on the keyword optimization you have – and then to improve on it four more times. Each listing comes with five options, which allow you to pick and choose the parts that work the best for your product. Each option comes full of keywords that are ranking your competitors on the first page of Amazon search, as well as dozens of new keyword possibilities you can capitalize on.

Our primary goal is to create content that helps Amazon shoppers find your product quickly and easily.

Our Optimization Requirements

We strive to adhere to the most up-to-date Amazon requirements and best practices.

  • The most important part of your listing is your Product Title. While title length can vary by category we try to adhere to Amazon’s length guidelines and create a title that will catch the eye of a shopper
  • High volume, top-of-the-funnel keywords go towards the front of your title and top of the listing
  • Dimensions, sizes, and quantity are added towards the end
  • Forbidden characters are avoided ( e.g.: ~ ! * $ ? _ ~ {} # <> | * ; ^ ¬ ¦ )
  • Prohibited terms and phrases are avoided
  • We do not use characters from the extended ASCII character set such as Æ, ©, or ®
  • We do not WRITE EVERYTHING IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS (no one likes to be yelled at, right?)
  • We aim to write clear and concise bullet points that highlight key product features
  • We aim to write relevant and complete product descriptions that include keywords that can increase your product's visibility and sales
  • Backend search terms may include additional key search terms and words not utilized in the visible listing content that can help with organic visibility

Tone, if you need it

Every brand markets its products differently. Some need a more refined tone, while others prefer humor. Our advanced AI allows you to set that tone.

Choose from friendly, luxurious, relaxed, professional, bold, adventurous, witty, or persuasive. Or, leave this section blank and let us determine the best tone for your product.

I love the AI tool!! The AI options supplied has shown additional negative keywords that need to be included (excluded from the listing copy).

Alex F.
Amazon FBA Seller
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