Competitive Analysis

Power Listing compares your product with the top-ranking Amazon FBA sellers and reviews their keyword and listing strategy.
Competitive Analysis

We can see every product on Amazon 

The “power” of Power Listing comes from MerchantWords’ colossal database of Amazon keywords. 

Every month, MerchantWords collects all of the search terms customers use to shop on Amazon. Collectively these hundreds of millions of keywords enable Power Listing to view page one search results for hundreds of millions of products on the Amazon marketplace. With this information, we can view the competitors for any product in the marketplace. 

These ASINs are not just the top sellers in their category. They are brands and retailers you have the best chance of outranking. We can see their product titles and detail pages, their pricing, reviews, and ratings, their top-ranking keywords, and any overlapping keywords you share with your competition.

As we analyze the competition we ask questions to pull in the most relevant information for your product:

  • What keywords have the highest search volume?
  • Which are most relevant and important?
  • What features do customers search for?
  • What details do they highlight in the reviews?
  • Are there longtail keyword opportunities others are missing?
  • What differentiating features can we highlight in your product?

Once we determine the answers, we use this information to build a keyword optimization and content strategy that boosts your discoverability and your ranking.

“Power Listing is an absolute game-changer when it comes to saving time. Product listing research has been the most time-consuming portion of my business."

Sonia M.
FBA Seller
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