Amazon SEO
in 5 minutes.

State of the art AI helps cut the time it takes to write your FBA listings.

Partner Plan

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Per month
$250 value
  • 5 Listing credits per month
  • 5 Variations per listing to tailor to your needs
  • 25 Amazon keyword research lists
  • 1 Free listing for signing up
  • Rollover any unused credits to the next month

Power Listing does the Amazon competition analysis, keyword research, and listing writing.

You enter a keyword, select similar products, list some features, and add any “negative” search terms.
We compile as many relevant keywords as possible and create 5 listing drafts.
You select the content you like best and personalize it for your brand.

Keyword Research

Power Listing identifies the top-ranking, high-volume search terms and new organic opportunities and compiles an optimal set of relevant keywords.
Keyword Research

Content Generation

After selecting the most profitable keywords, Power Listing’s Amazon listing writing assistant and optimization tool crafts quality, well-written, SEO content.
Content Generation

Backend Search Terms

Power Listing scans your competition to finds all long tail opportunities to boost your discoverability and help you outrank the most successful Amazon merchants.
Backend Search Terms

Competitive Analysis

Power Listing compares your product with the top-ranking Amazon FBA sellers and reviews their keyword and listing strategy.
Competitive Analysis

Power Listing is an AI copywriting tool that creates Amazon SEO listings quickly, at scale

Leverage real customer search data and artificial intelligence to create Amazon listings in minutes.

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